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Racing Simulators

Racing Simulators

Racing SimulatorNOW AVAILABLE...a new dimension in driver training and entertainment at L.A. Racing...Motion simulators!

Many top drivers use computer simulations to learn new tracks and to stay sharp for upcoming races by getting seat time that would otherwise be impossible. The BlueTiger adds motion feedback to basic computer simulations which enhances the experience with additional sensory input, i.e. a more realistic experience.

The jump from the track theory to track application has always been a large one with little or no opportunity to put into practice lessons learned before being strapped into a powerful race car on the track. Motion simulators can bridge that gap, by acclimating the driver with the on track environment.

With a new driver in the BlueTiger seat, an instructor can now show the driver the correct line around the track and braking, turning and accelerating points. The instructor is also able to evaluate the driver’s technique and make corrections before the driver goes near the car. It is an invaluable tool to develop effective communication skills between the driver, spotter and crew chief.

Corporate events are enhanced by adding the use of the simulators to keep guests engaged and active during the entire period of the event. The simulators also provide a great attraction at trade shows and expos and are available on a rental basis, both on and off site.

The simulators are also available for casual online and head-to-head racing, and as more simulators are added, weekly league racing at the facility will be available as an alternative to the expense of racing a real car. The car and the track are simulated, but the racing is as real as it gets. Drivers will be able to race against other "sim racers" around the world for bragging rights and prizes.

Racing SimulatorThe key to a quality motion simulation is to convince the rider that they are in a moving vehicle (race car, airplane, etc.) looking out through the windshield (monitor). The BlueTiger design provides the strongest motion and visual cues because the seat, controls, and monitor all move with the rider. Sophisticated high-end commercial simulators all employ this configuration. It creates the perception that the rider is in a moving vehicle and not moving around inside the vehicle. Having the controls and monitor move with the rider is critical for pitch and roll movement and position to be convincingly perceived as acceleration, braking, and centrifugal force.

BlueTiger uses a combination of fast and slow frequency movements proportional to action in the game to convince the rider that they are experiencing both the dynamic forces of acceleration, braking, and centrifugal force, and physical position like driving up and down a hill. In addition to the primary dynamic and physical forces, a variety of special effects such as engine vibrations, road surface texture, bumping, etc. are created.
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