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Corporate & Private Events

Corporate & Private Events

Corporate and Provate Events
Today's event host find themselves scrambling to find activities for their guests that aren't the same old boring things, but many hosts are discovering that motorsports events are getting the best success. The experience of getting behind the wheel of a real race car on a sanctioned race track always does the trick for us. Our adrenaline packed activity will give your guests a "once in a lifetime" experience that will get their heart pumping and create a memory that will have them talking for years. Whether you are looking to host a corporate/private event, anniversary, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette, themed event or any reason at all, L.A. Racing can put together an event that will exceed your expectations. We create events for groups from 10 to 300 guests.

Stock Car Adventure
Each guest will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of our 450 hp Super Late Model Stock Cars and drive 10, 15 or 20 laps on the Irwindale Speedway 1/2 mile oval track. Guests will be taken through a 45 minute car and track safety meeting which will include walking the track. Upon completion of meeting, guests will then be set into groups of 4, suited with race suits, gloves and helmet, loaded into cars and lead onto the 1/2 mile oval. After a couple laps under caution for final instructions, guests will complete their driving session, then guided back to the loading station. The next group of drivers is then loaded and the process repeats until all groups have completed their driving adventure. When the entire group has completed their session, they move onto the next activity.
In car video is available to record the entire driving session for each driver.

Super Ride
Guests are suited up and placed in the passenger seat of our dual seated Super Late Model Stock Car for an adventure they will not soon forget. Behind the wheel in this adventure is our lead instructor, national champion and speed record holder, Ryan Partridge for 7 blistering laps on our 1/2 mile oval. This high speed SUPER RIDE adventure is designed to give the guest a better perspective of car performance and race handling. Guests will experience high speed laps on various driving lines and get an up close and personal look at straight away speeds within feet of the wall. This adventurous activity will give the passenger a whole new respect for racing and the driving skills of a top notch race car driver.

Team Building Activities
One of the most popular exercises in our team building activities is the "Blindfold Driving". This exercise is about communication and listening. Guests are broken into teams of two with one person driving and the other in the backseat. The driver is blindfolded and the partner in the backseat has the task of clearly communicating directions to get the car through the coned course. The driver's job is to listen, follow directions and execute the task at hand. This is a timed exercise and, once completed, team members exchange places and repeat. In business, communication is everything; whether it is between co-workers, management, vendors or customers, you must effectively and efficiently communicate and listen on a high level.

The Pit Challenge
The "Pit Challenge" is a timed exercise pitting two teams of two in a tire changing exercise. This exercise is just about speed, there is safety elements built in to promote safety in the work place. Teams must be able to work efficiently to loosen lugs, remove and replace tire, tighten new lugs, then get back behind the line with replaced tire and air wrench. Although this exercise is a little more physical, there is something for everyone to learn in this activity and is one of the most popular activities any many team building events.

Safety Driving Exercises
This driving program allows guests the opportunity to experience safety exercises designed to give them a better overall car response and road condition experience. These exercises are: trail & threshold braking, wet & dry skids, over steering & under steering skids versus proper input response, skid pad & hydroplaning, slicks versus treads and distractions. This session is very informative and each driver will take home an experience they can immediately use in their driving arsenal.

Classroom Instruction
Each driving session begins with a 45 minute course on track and car safety. This class is designed to give the student information needed to maximize the excitement and safety in this adrenaline pumping experience. The student will be made aware to the vehicle response, track conditions, communication, throttle and braking and general orientation. The classroom is also used for company or product presentations and post event meetings. The room provides seating for up to 100 guests and has an 82 inch big screen television for video presentation.

Intel Corporation Fox Sports NTT Data
Bank of America Hewlett Packard
Microsoft Corporation Lenovo Transamerica Wholesale
Lucas Films Southern California Edison Lucas Oil
Southern California Gas Company AC Delco Digital River - UK
Unisys Los Angeles Firefighters Credit Union Valley View Casino
Walt Disney Corporation Pixar U.S. Air Conditioning Distributors
Sony Pictures Dreamworks SKG Enpointe Technology
My Space Sample Digital Technology Marketing Group
Warner Brothers GST Companion Management Group
University of Southern California Union Bank City of Hope
Cal Poly Pomona University of La Verne Tablet Kiosk
Yellowbook NBC Universal TeamPenta - Germany
Wells Fargo Nth Generation Bell Computers

Event Testimonials

Event Testimonials

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We have done some pretty exotic events all over the world and our guests came back from our event at L.A. Racing saying it was the best thing they have ever done - and we have done some pretty awesome things! Thanks, again for everything.

Enterprise Account Manager, Intel Corporation

I would like to, once again thank you for all your hard work in putting together the last six events for Intel Corporation. I know you have gone above and beyond to ensure these events are successful and enjoyable to all. We have had absolutely fantastic reviews from executive guests. We are looking to increasing our original plans and will be holding more executive appreciation and team building events at L.A. Racing in the future.

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